Welcome to Lemala Group

Mission Statement

Welcome to Lemala Group: dental office with a heart!

We are a general dental practice serving your needs and providing the public with a variety of dental services.

IMG-20150712-WA008We strive to make it affordable. One of the highlights of our practice is removable orthodontics, often in the form of Invisalign.

Remember, you always have an option to see an orthodontist, or other specialists and receive fixed orthodontics, braces or other combined treatments and we could still remain your general dental provider.

You also have an option to maintain your regular dentist and see us specifically for removable orthodontics. We will be happy to look after you in collaboration with other providers should it be necessary or you choose to do so.

It is our obligation to inform you about our findings and suggest different options and course of actions. You may choose to do nothing if that is a plausible option as well.

Our philosophy is that we believe that every Canadian should have access to all the advances in health care, even those that have been considered a privilege of the few and elite. Together we will try to overcome financial obstacles and concentrate on obtaining the best result for you, striving to maintain the highest standards of care.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Marka Dekanoidze DDS Lemala Group Dental Staff